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PlaytoLearn ™ was created in early 1997 to provide learning tools for students between the grades of K and 5 to help them learn the basic skills for their age group, and to expand what they have learned in class. Our games were launched on the Internet in 1998 as  Presently, offers mathematical learning games to help students tell time, count money, add, subtract, multiply and divide. Additional K-5 games are being developed now to include basic english and science concepts and additional math facts. Going forward, all games will only be available for mobile devices. If there is a need for some of our past web-based games, please contact us and we will discuss their implementation. was developed by Jeffrey Zimmerman and Robin Endsley-Fenn of FENZI MEDIA GROUP. Fenzi specializes in graphic design, marketing and custom internet services to the business community.

FENZI MEDIA GROUP provides clients with results-oriented corporate development capabilities that include strategy and brand development, marketing, collateral, web technologies, media, advertising, high level corporate documents and decks, and public relations. Fenzi is a highly versatile team, committed to providing products and services that benefit and help our clients to achieve their goals. Our broad expertise and main practice areas include professional sports, technology, biomedical and real estate.

FENZI MEDIA GROUP also develops specialized: web applications, internet and network services and mobile device applications.

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