Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Website is a Fenzi Media Group company owned and operated by Jeffrey B. Zimmerman.

The PlayToLearn™ K-5 Skills Applications for iPhone, iPad or any other device are designed for children in the K-5 age group.  Therefore, we are very strict regarding our privacy policy to ensure that we do not capture or record any child’s user information.

The Privacy Policy of the PlayToLearn™ K-5 Skills Applications have been detailed below, where we do not collect any private child’s personal information.  However there is a contact us form on the website that collects Name, Email Address and Comments of individuals requesting and reporting information.  This form cannot be submitted until the person filling out the form checks the checkbox attesting to the fact that they are 18 years old and above, and therefore an adult.  Therefore, it is our understanding that any and all information that we collect is from an adult.  If by chance a child enters information, while attesting that they are 18 years and above in age, we will delete their information the instant that we are made aware of such a breach. does not and will not knowingly transfer to any third party the information that we collect on our website.


K-5 Skills Mobile Applications

PlayToLearn™ K-5 Skills Apps do not collect any user information that can be retrieved or reported to a third party.  The K-5 Skills applications only record the number of games that are answered either “right” or “wrong”, and the setup parameters that allow the games to know what skill level was last played in a game as well as what mode such as am/pm, answer entry direction, or “T”, times table mode was entered.  These parameters are saved within the local parameters of the mobile device application and are not accessible by or reported to PlayToLearn™ or any other 3rd party.  The scores can be reset to zero within the application, and setup parameters are deleted as well upon the deletion of the application.

PlayToLearn™ is not responsible for the information and data captured during registration to the Apple Computers App Store, and purchase of the application through the Apple Computers App Store.  The security and privacy of this information and data is the responsibility of the holding party.

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